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“Dad Bod?” Don’t. Just don’t.

I have been hearing a little too much about “dad bod” recently and cannot believe this is even a thing. Really? When did it become sexy to let your body (and health) go to the point of having increased belly fat, weak muscles, and poor posture?

I thought it was a joke at first, but it has been floating around for months now and I think it has gone far enough.

Apparently, the media has gone a bit haywire this summer highlighting the appeal of a cartoon caricature of the typical middle-aged American male. Pictures of celebrity males on the beach surrounded by women and the accompanying headlines suggest “dad bod” to be the attractive option in place of healthy lean body mass and healthy body fat percentage. For those men out there that are possibly reading this post, let me give you a hint…

It’s not their bodies that are charming the ladies.

There is no ultimate rule about body composition, and a few studies may even suggest that a little extra fat may be helpful in times of severe stress; however, we are rarely exposed to the severe forms of stress in which that extra fat will come in handy. Ever seen the show Naked and Afraid? That’s when a few extra pounds will help.

So, until you are ready to spend three weeks in the jungle naked without food or water, the general consensus across the healthcare community is that belly fat is dangerous; and weak muscles create an environment ripe for developing both physical and mental health issues.

This dad-bod craze is ridiculous. Please stop.

It is embarrassing enough to see American male tourists portrayed as gluttonous slobs on TV and in the movies. Why perpetuate this stereotype? It’s as if some journalist(s) decided to push this effort in attempt to be lazy themselves without the guilt. As if following a trend is a legitimate excuse!

Let’s get straight to the point here: An unhealthy body composition, such as the increased body fat / low muscle tone of the dad-bod, increases your risk of:

  • injury
  • back pain
  • impotence
  • fatigue

… and it nearly doubles your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Still sound sexy?

Dr. Ryan Lombardo, DAOM, BCIM, RH, ABAAHP
Lifelong enthusiasm for wellness and lifestyle medicine led Dr. Lombardo’s integrative healthcare practice to include both Eastern and Western medical modalities. Read full bio.

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