Amniotic Fluid for Hair Restoration

Depending on the amount of hair loss, the pattern, and the desire to restore hair, there are a number of effective non-surgical treatment options available utilizing new advancements.


The first involves the use of amniotic fluid- derived growth factors. There are several companies on the market that now manufacture growth products from amniotic fluid.   The product we have selected is manufactured by a company that has proven to us that they have obtained their amniotic fluid ethically, from women who have chosen to donate their umbilical cords. These donated umbilical cords are initially screened for the presence of any diseases,  and the extraction process is such that only the growth factors are harvested. The finished product is tested to confirm safety.


A numbing agent is applied to the treatment area and you relax for about 15-30 min for the numbing effect to take place.

While you are numbing we prepare the recommended product that will be used for the injections by adding either normal saline or platelet rich plasma (PRP) Learn more about PRP here.

The product is strategically injected into the affected area(s) using very small needles while cool air is directed onto the scalp for your comfort.

After the procedure, which takes 15-30 minutes depending on the treatment area(s), the scalp is cleaned and dried.

DEPENDING on the underlying reason for the hair loss, this treatment may require more than one session.

For optimal results, the injection treatment is followed with the Hair Growing Laser for 30 minutes.  The patient sits under the low-level light while relaxing.    Learn more about the Hair Growing Laser here.



Am I a Candidate for Hair Restoration Treatments?
If you have thinning hair and it has only been occurring for less than 6 years, you are a candidate.

What Results Can I Expect?
Over a period of several months of treatment, you will notice less hair in your brush and drains and see an increase in hair strength and density.

What Can I Expect During Consultation?
We listen carefully to your concerns. Then we combine this information with more than 50 years of experience to create your personalized treatment regimen, including:

  • Ordering appropriate lab tests to get at the root of the problem and then utilizing this information to
  • Recommend the repair and restorative treatments that will be most beneficial and then outline the expectation for maintenance treatments

After an in-office consultation to determine if you would benefit from the treatment, we have several options for you to restore your hair. The process may involve any or all of the following:

  • Hormone and Nutrient Deficiency testing
  • Amniotic Fluid and/or PRP injections
  • Herbal remedies that encourage hair growth
  •  Nutritional supplements and hair products to nourish the hair follicles
  • Hair growing low-level light laser [LLL] treatments

Hair takes time to grow, so hair growth treatments will take time. We have several options available to suit any budget and lifestyle.

The medical providers at FreshSkin will help you begin the journey to improved hair health and recommend a solution or combination of treatments to address your thinning and loss of hair. Begin with a Hair Restoration Consultation to create your customized hair restoration plan which may incorporate a variety of hair products, vitamins, injections and/or Hair Growth Laser Treatments.