Boot Camp for Your Skin

A series of three treatments over an 8-week period designed to whip your skin into shape. Your Boot Camp Skin program begins with a FREE Skin Consultation and VISIA Complexion Analysis.

Change the quality of your skin in as little as 8 weeks!

Boot Camp for your Skin is a strategic series of aesthetic treatments over the course of 8 weeks designed to clear damage and refresh your skin.  Reduce sun damage, boost collagen production, diminish fine lines, rejuvenate skin.  We have three levels to address the needs of your specific goals.

Classic Boot Camp for Skin

For beginners or those who prefer the least downtime. 

Deluxe Boot Camp for Skin

Deeper exfoliation for more anti-aging benefits, with a bit more downtime.

Advanced Boot Camp for Skin

For those that desire more anti-aging benefits, and Boot Camp veterans.

This is a short series of treatments that evens tone and texture delivering targeted results quickly. Our Boot Camps include Sciton’s BBL (Broadband Light) Photorejuvenation treatment to calm redness and treat UV Damage leaving you with a more even complexion. Most patients notice some speckling or darker freckles for a week or two. Two weeks later we apply a custom Chemical Peel based on your skin goals. Most of our peels are designed to have little to no downtime and can target brown spots, acne, rosacea, and more. After another two weeks we stimulate collagen and exfoliate skin with an Arctic Laser Peel or MicroLaser Peel. This treatment step reveals smoother brighter skin within a week. 

Boot Camp is best for patients that want to improve skin quickly, for patients that would like to sample several treatments without a large commitment, and for patients that just want to change up their routine. 

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Address: Brown spots, hyperpigmentation, redness, and broken capillaries
Result: Evens skin tone, and boosts your own collagen production

Address: Gently breaks up any residual damage and calms redness
Result: Softer, more even complexion

Address: Fine lines and wrinkles
Result: Light resurfacing to make way for healthier cells and smoother skin

The Advanced Boot Camp also includes Legacy Skin Tightening and HydraFacial.  

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Before & After

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Before and after Bootcamp for Your Skin series. Courtesy of FreshSkin Wellness & Medical Center.