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Botox® in Elgin, IL

What is Botox®?

FreshSkin provides Botox® treatments to residents of Elgin, IL. The Botox® procedure is an effective method used in the fight against aging to reverse some of the negative effects that can occur over time. Patients who choose Botox® are often searching for ways to reduce any wrinkling, eyebrow furrows, or crow’s feet that happen to be present. The procedure uses a specially formulated solution that contains neurotoxins to relax the associated muscles, and this diminishes many of the signs of aging.

How is Botox® administered?

During your visit to FreshSkin, you’ll meet with Dr. Tenore to discuss the Botox® procedure and how it will work for you. Once you fully understand the procedure, the treatment will begin by disinfecting the region that is about to be treated. The Botox® solution will then be slowly injected underneath the skin and into the associated muscle of the region where the wrinkles are located. Once the facial injections are complete, you can begin to take notice of the results as they start to appear within a few hours. Over the next few days and weeks, you’ll continue to see marked improvement that will last for at least four months. Elgin, IL residents can improve their looks by choosing to have Botox® injected every few months to retain the youthful and rejuvenated appearance they are looking for.

About Dr. Tenore

Dr. Tenore is a practicing family physician who has furthered her studies in both dermatology and plastic surgery. This has expanded her knowledge and allows her to customize specialized plans for her patients. By promoting a healthy diet and exercise plan along with your cosmetic procedure, she can help you look your very best.

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