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Botox® in Naperville, IL Area

FreshSkin offers Botox with in a short driving distance from Naperville, Il area.

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What is Botox®?

FreshSkin offers Botox® treatment to residents of Naperville, IL. Botox® is a cosmetic treatment used to reduce and reverse the negative effects of aging. As the face ages, you may start to notice deeper wrinkles, fine lines, and other factors that affect your appearance. Botox® works to reverse these signs by smoothing out the underlying muscles, which in turn flattens and tightens the surrounding skin. You will look younger and more vibrant by choosing Botox® to enhance your looks.

How is Botox® administered?

Botox® is administered by Dr. Tenore through the use of an injectable solution that’s inserted directly into the muscles that are being targeted for treatment. Once the Botox® solution is injected, the facial muscles begin to relax as the neurotoxins begin to take effect. Results start to appear almost immediately but continue to improve well into the fifth day after treatment. Once the full effects are reached, which will occur within two weeks, you can expect the results to remain for up to four and a half months. Naperville, IL residents choose Botox® to avoid more invasive surgeries, and they prefer its quick and efficient method of administration.

About Dr. Tenore

Dr. Tenore, a board certified family physician, chose to focus her efforts on dermatology and plastic surgery in order to enhance her patients’ self-esteem and appearance. She has combined her plastic surgery and dermatology expertise, along with tips on health and well-being, into a complete program that her patients can use to transform their lives.

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