CBD stands for cannabidiol and is an active constituent of cannabis. The oil is created through an extraction process from the hemp plant. It has many reported uses and delivery methods for health and wellness.

CBD Oil for pain relief is more than just a trend. The data is fairly clear that CBD in appropriate doses and delivery helps with both acute and chronic pain syndromes.

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CBD is often confused with THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana. Although CBD is found in both marijuana and hemp, they are two different plant species. CBD can be extracted from either but is most often from hemp for industrial purposes including healthcare. CBD does not have similar psychoactive effects as THC.

One exception to the above is that CBD does seem to help relieve anxiety quite well. Whether that is considered to be “psychoactive” is in question; however, it is a welcome supplement into the arsenal of anxiolytic treatment methods as it appears to be both safe and effective.

What does one look for in ingredients when choosing a CBD oil?

CBD oil should be derived “aerial plant parts” or leaves, flowers, and stems only. The end product that is in the bottle may vary in ingredients based on the formula’s delivery mechanism (liquid/tincture, pill/gel, tablet, topical, etc.) CBD is a lipid (fat) soluble extract. The most pure forms will only require suspension ingredients such as oil, which may be Vitamin E (tocopherol), Olive Oil, MCT/Coconut Oil, or another natural oil. Other ingredients that may be needed are water, alcohol (for tincture extracts), seed oils (to enhance absorption), natural flavoring, and possibly a stabilizer to enhance shelf life.

Is there a difference in taking CBD oil versus a tablet or gels?

Yes, there is a difference in all delivery methods. Since CBD is lipid soluble, suspension in a gel or oil is the most bioavailable option.

Can CBD oil be taken in conjunction with other supplements?

Yes, CBD oil may be taken with other supplements. A proper supplement regimen should be created by a trained healthcare practitioner for optimal benefits.

CBD has been shown to regulate immune responses and decrease inflammation throughout the body. The body has its own endocannabinoid system. CBD1 receptors are found mostly in nerve terminals, and CBD2 receptors are found mostly on immune cells. There are hundreds of studies supporting CBD therapies for pain, sleep, diabetes, anxiety, even specific forms of cancer.

Optimal dosage and delivery of CBD are still being studied for pharmaceutical purposes; however, we have found specific formulations to be both safe and effective for pain and inflammation when used appropriately and consistently.

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