Chinese Herbal Medicine


Chinese herbal medicine is a traditional approach to improving and maintaining your health and well-being.  This alternative therapy focuses on bringing balance to your energy, body and spirit rather than treating a specific disease or condition.  Western medicine works by treating the underlying medical conditions that cause your symptoms.  Practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine, though, focus on treating patterns of symptoms to help you regain a healthy balance.

How It Works 

Combinations of certain herbs, such as ginkgo, ginseng and green tea, work together to restore balance to your body.  In Chinese herbal medicine, there are over 400 combinations made from thousands of different herbs and extracts.  Each combination typically contains up to 12 ingredients in a variety of forms, such as teas, powders and syrups.  Chinese herbal medicine is often used in conjunction with other medical treatments, such as chemotherapy for cancer, to help manage the side effects and reduce pain and discomfort.  Chinese herbal medicine may also help you with acne, blood pressure, diarrhea, digestion, joint health, detoxification, stress and many other common ailments.  Herbs are also beneficial for improving your immune system.  

What to Expect 

Because Chinese herbal medicine helps with a vast number of symptoms and conditions, patients experience results on an individualized basis.  Please ask any questions that you have about the effects of Chinese herbal medicine for your particular case.  If you are taking any prescription medications, please discuss this during your consultation appointment.  Some herbs may interact with your medications.