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FreshSkin News, May 2015

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Time to pull out the UV protection!

I know we have discussed this before, but this topic bears repeating!! UV protection should be used every single day, regardless of the weather. Unfortunately, protecting our skin from UV light doesn’t allow it to manufacture Vitamin D3, making it necessary for us to take this hormone as a supplement! To help you out with both problems, ALL of our UV protection products (aka sunscreen) will be on sale, along with our Vitamin D3, throughout the month. So stock up now for the summer!

(All Sunscreens are 25% off in May at FreshSkin)

We are also announcing a brand new name. FreshSkin Wellness has been changed to FreshEnergy Wellness!

Why the change? Our patients gave us feedback and we listened. Energy is a better term, capturing what we are striving to do in the Wellness branch of the practice. Youthfulness is synonymous with energy and vitality, so the natural choice for this division is FreshEnergy! FreshSkin is still FreshSkin and none of the players have changed. So, thank you all for your feedback and Come to Our Event!

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