HCG Diet

The HCG diet is an effective way of jump starting one’s metabolism, thereby helping him or her shed up to 40 pounds in a relatively short amount of time. It targets stored fat, revving up the metabolism and suppressing the appetite so that up to 4,000 calories can be burned each day.

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What is the HCG diet plan?

The HCG diet plan involves taking special drops while also adhering to a strict eating regimen. This regimen can be performed for up to six weeks in order to help patients lose a significant amount of weight. The program was developed by a physician, and uses the body’s natural process of burning stored fat to aid with weight loss.

How does this diet plan work?

It works by increasing the levels of HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin found in the body. HCG is a hormone that is released by pregnant women in order to use stored fat for energy. Research has shown that this hormone can be harnessed in all patients including men in order to get the body to release fat stores. The HCG used in this program is synthetically produced and is safe for adult patients to use.

What are the benefits of HCG?

The HCG diet plan allows users to lose weight quickly without feeling tired or excessively hungry. This plan also helps people release fat stores that might be difficult to burn under ordinary circumstances. It speeds the metabolism and suppresses the appetite to help people avoid binge eating. There are several different diet plans available, so patients are able to choose the one that best fits their needs.

Who should not participate in this diet plan?

Those who have special dietary needs, i.e. diabetics, may want to consult with a physician before undergoing an HCG regimen. Likewise, patients who are taking any type of medication may want to talk with their doctor about this program first. Pregnant women already produce the HCG hormone and should not take the synthetically produced version.

Using the body’s own mechanisms for releasing stored fat has been shown to be effective in helping with weight loss. The HCG diet is exactly that type of plan.

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