HCG Diet

Still looking for the magic weight loss pill? While there are boundless weight loss aids marketed directly to your social media accounts, there are still some tried and true options to safely lose fat, preserve lean body mass, and maintain your resting metabolism. One of these programs is as simple as a low calorie, low carb diet assisted by HCG. HCG is an acronym for “Human Chorionic Gonadotripin,” a naturally occurring hormone in the body that both men and women already produce. Sometimes called “the pregnancy hormone” because women produce increased amounts during pregnancy, very low dose intake of this hormone combined with an appropriate diet of mostly lean proteins and vegetables has been shown to help people lose weight quickly. Many success stories have shown people losing 3-7lbs per week while still maintaining their muscle mass and energy!

You may have heard that HCG was no longer available… this was due to a reclassification by the FDA that prevents compounding pharmacies from making HCG in their facilities. Thankfully, the FDA still approves certain pharmaceutical companies to manufacture this compound for the market. This unfortunately creates limited supplies and increased costs, so we are unsure how often or how much will be available.

For a Limited Time

Currently, we have a limited supply and are excited to offer a 6-week program for a limited time.

6-week HCG Winter Weight Loss Program – Only $995

The 6-week package includes an initial consult to review the program, 3 follow-up appointments scheduled at 2-week intervals to keep you on track, a 6-week supply of HCG in pre-filled syringes, InBody body composition analysis at each visit, and 3 FreshEnergy B12 shots to support your mood, immune function, and energy.

If you are interested in optimizing your health request your Wellness Consultation and learn more.

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Every service I have had here delivers as promised, from the HCG diet to threading and filler. Additionally, the hormone replacement program is invaluable to this 62 year old woman. – Kristine H.

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