Healthy Weight DNA Insight

Pathway Genomics Healthy Weight DNA Insight® Test is a genetic test for weight loss.

There are a number of factors to consider when seeking optimal wellness, especially for anyone seeking weight management assistance.

Did you know that your genes may hold the key to an individualized healthy diet plan? Research has shown that people who follow a diet appropriate for their genotype lose 2.5 times the weight as those who do not. Up to 70% of weight issues are due to heredity.

Through a simple swab of the cheek, the Pathway Genomics Healthy Weight DNA Insight Test can identify a diet plan based on your genes. Nutrition isn’t always about weight loss, however. Behavioral traits, predisposition to chronic disease, exercise benefits, and other genetic factors are also considered and reported.

If you have been struggling with weight and have been unsuccessful, your genes may hold the answer to helping you get on the right track. Call today to schedule your Healthy Weight DNA Insight Test.