Jenna Radivojevic, Practice Manager

Jenna and her family immigrated to the US from Serbia when she was a child. Her parents instilled a strong work ethic, a sense of optimism, and an obligation to her community within her core values. By the time she graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor’s in Commerce and Major in Marketing, she quickly launched into a successful career in sales and marketing, business growth, staff development and training. Through her work experience and lifestyle, her passions showcased a focus on cosmetic medicine and wellness, where she worked for over 17 years in a multitude of business development, management, and consulting roles.

FreshSkin became one of Jenna’s clients, where her contributions led to an invitation to accept the Practice Manager role in 2019. Her focus is to nurture a positive environment and unique experience for patients of the practice, while mentoring each staff member to perform at their maximum potential. She truly believes that improving the health and performance of each person creates a stronger community.

Jenna resides in the Near-North Shore with her significant other and enjoys experiencing new adventures, new restaurants, shows or vacation destinations.


“My priority is to be a catalyst of transformation. Our mission is to remain ahead of the game in the areas of integrative aesthetics and functional medicine, so that we can deliver the best services to our community.” – Jenna Radivojevic

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