Kelly Krzosek, Nurse Practitioner

Kelly Krzosek’s passion for caregiving began while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  Her studies highlighted the importance of holistic care and the connection between mental and physical health.  After graduating from the University of Colorado, Kelly pursued her Masters in Nursing at University of Illinois Chicago while achieving honors.

She first began practicing medicine in the orthopedic specialty.  At the orthopedic practice, she learned and honed her skills in injecting and understanding the role of physiology in aesthetics and wellness.  Kelly’s ultimate goal of providing care in the aesthetic and functional medicine arenas came to fruition when she joined FreshSkin in the spring of 2019.  She worked and trained closely with Dr. Josie for many months to learn advanced protocol methods and how to deliver optimal results safely.

Kelly loves getting to know each of her patients and values the importance of establishing positive patient-provider relationships.  She is exceptionally adept in crafting action plans to promote positive patient outcomes.

In her free time, Kelly continues to find ways to improve herself and to help better her patients.  Originally from Deerfield, Kelly and her husband currently live in the city of Chicago.  She is also fluent in Polish, and for fun she loves to snowboard, spend time outdoors, explore new restaurants and take bike rides along the lake.

Follow Kelly on Instagram at @bewell_beautiful

Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, Xeomin • Dermal Fillers • Laser Skin Rejuvenation • Subnovii Advanced Plasma Therapy •  Advanced Microneedling • Skin Tightening and Body Contouring  •  Laser Hair Removal • Hair Restoration • Laser Leg Vein Treatment • Sclerotherapy • FreshEnergy B12 Shots  •   Joint Injections

Nurse Practitioner
University of Illinois Chicago


I had only had Botox once before and it wasn’t the best experience. I explained to the nurse practitioner, Kelly, my issues with my previous doctor (at another practice) and she made it a point to make me feel comfortable. I absolutely loved what she did. The difference from before is incredible. I 150% recommend her to anyone looking for Botox. I’m so glad I found her! She is the best! – Claire

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