Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing, also known as a laser peel, uses laser energy to improve the appearance and texture of skin by removing damaged skin cells and prompting collagen remodeling. Continual advancements with lasers now allow the laser’s energy to address deeper issues in the skin, more safely and with quicker healing time.

There are many technologies available on the market, yet not all are created equal.  The same can be said of the type of laser treatment.  The energy of a laser can be utilized to target specific depths of the skin based on the issues being treated, so procedures can range from light to deep laser resurfacing.

Profractional Laser Resurfacing

Before & After – Four Weeks Post
1 Deep ProFractional-XCTM Treatment.
Photos courtesy of Dr. Josie L. Tenore.

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Profractional Laser Resurfacing

Before & After
Deep ProFractional-XCTM Treatment.
Photos courtesy of Dr. Josie L. Tenore.

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Conditions It Treats

Laser skin resurfacing is an effective treatment for wrinkles, sun damage, scars and blemishes on the face and other areas of the body.  Unlike other treatment options, lasers can be precisely controlled to target small areas that require correction, without affecting the surrounding tissue.

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How It Works

During the procedure, laser energy is delivered into the skin using a special device.  The laser targets irregular skin, such as lines, scars and wrinkles.  The laser energy removes the outer layer of damaged skin and heats the deeper layer of skin.  The heat stimulates the body’s collagen production that is used to build new, healthy skin.

Types of Treatments

FreshSkin offers Sciton® laser resurfacing treatments which range from mild to deep laser resurfacing — Arctic Peel, MicroLaserPeel, ProFractional-XC, and Deep Resurfacing. In some cases, a combination of these therapies may be recommended. The type of laser peel will be determined based on the physical assessment at consultation, and patient goals. We selected Sciton® for their safety profile, industry experience and technology precision.

Sciton® Arctic Peel laser treatment is recommended for patients looking for a light laser treatment to gently exfoliate dry skin to reveal a nice fresh glow. Arctic Peel is recommended for those looking to freshen up their complexion and soften fine lines.

Sciton® Deep Resurfacing laser treatment is recommended for patients who have deep wrinkles, poor skin tone and scarring.  Healing time for lighter peels typically takes five to six days, and deeper peels typically heal within ten days to two weeks.  Watch video below as Dr. Josie explains her techniques used for a faster healing time.

Sciton® MicroLaser Peel improves skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as scars and sun damage.  Patients may require one to six treatments and healing typically takes one to seven days, depending on the depth of the procedure.

Sciton® ProFractional-XC laser treatments are effective for addressing wrinkles and scars.  These treatments also improve overall skin tone and texture.  The healing time for this treatment is two to four days.  Patients may require one to five treatments.

What to Expect

The procedure time and healing time is determined by the type of laser treatment.  The prep begins a couple weeks prior to treatment at home with the twice-daily application of physician-strength skin care products. This regimen helps begin the clearing process of damaged skin cells and prepares the skin for the procedure.  There is absolutely no downtime during this period.  Additional prep is involved for deep laser resurfacing.

Another great option for skin resurfacing and tightening is Subnovii Advanced Plasma Technology. Click here to learn more.

At FreshSkin, our laser resurfacing patients experience Dr. Josie’s signature protocol proven to decrease healing time even further so they can enjoy smoother, younger-looking skin in a matter of days to weeks, depending on the type of laser treatment.

Before and After

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Before and six months after customized laser resurfacing of face and upper eyelids, Botox Cosmetic in crows feet, and dermal filler in cheeks and lips.

Photos courtesy of FreshSkin Medical Spa & Wellness Center.