Liquid Facelift

Dr. Tenore has spent many years studying with some of the best aesthetic doctors in the world and mastered several advanced injection techniques that she has perfected into a procedure she calls the “FreshSkin Liquid Face lift”. This procedure offers a patient a window into their past. It is an individualized non-surgical procedure utilizing tools such as wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers and customized skin care products. The procedure starts with an in-depth consultation where several photos are taken, and the plan of restoration is created. Over several treatments, Dr Tenore uses these tools much like an artist will use paint on canvas, to recreate the face that you once had. She carefully selects a combination of temporary and long-lasting fillers so that you can enjoy the art that she has created for a very long time.

For those of you who fear that you will look “overdone” or “unnatural”, rest assured that your friends and family will never know that you “got something done” because the procedure can be done in “stages” for a more gradual result.

Some of the comments we hear about this procedure from our patients include:

“I cannot believe it, all my friends are just telling me “you look so well rested, did you go on vacation?”

“I had a facelift and then went out for dinner with friends and to work the next day. I cannot believe the results for little to no downtime. I didn’t even skip a beat.”

Before & After

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One year of treatment with combinations including Dermal Fillers, Kybella and BOTOX® Cosmetic. Photos courtesy of FreshSkin Medical Spa & Wellness Center.

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