Pain presents for a variety of reasons and is an unfortunate but necessary part of being alive. At first, pain may be helpful in alerting the body and mind that something is wrong or dysfunctional. Without intervention, pain may create an inflammatory response that becomes chronic and begin a pain-inflammation cycle that is difficult to break.

Pain may be:

  • Anatomical (due to injury)
  • Biochemical (chronic inflammation or “syndrome” related)
  • Neurological (learned response)
  • Emotional or Psychological (potentially combining all of the above).

Identifying the source of pain is as important as the treatment. Certainly, surgical intervention may be the only option to correct specific anatomical issues. Other times however, less invasive methods deliver sustained relief and oftentimes correct the underlying cause altogether.

FreshSkin offers multiple effective treatment options for pain relief.

Radiofrequency (RF) for Pain Relief

CBD Oil/Supplements for Pain Relief