PDO Thread Lift

PDO Threads are the alternative solution to a surgical face lift with the added benefit of boosting collagen in the skin. Threads can be used alone or with dermal filler to create lift, contour and volume. This in-office treatment addresses the following areas of concern:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Under eyes
  • Upper lid lift
  • Skin around the mouth (vertical lip lines)
  • Jowling / Loose Skin
  • Crepey Skin

What can I expect during the treatment?

The beauty of PDO threads is that they are placed in the skin as part of a simple office visit, much the same way that dermal fillers are placed. A small amount of numbing may be placed at the injection entrance site and the needle and thread are introduced into the area to be treated. The needle is removed leaving the thread behind, then the skin is massaged into place. That’s it!

What are the risks?

The risks are very similar to those of all other injectables including mild discomfort, bruising and inadequate or partial laxity correction. Much less common, but still possible is a dimpling or buckling of the skin, or extrusion of the thread.

How do I prepare for a PDO thread treatment?

Just like all injectable treatments refrain from consuming all products that may increase your risk of bruising for 7-10 days prior. This includes aspirin or ibuprofen containing medications, alcohol and high dose fish oil.

What can I expect after a PDO thread treatment?

While there is very little in the way of downtime, there may be situations where you may be asked to refrain from certain activities to maximize on the likelihood of obtaining the best results. The main request is that you don’t massage or manipulate the treated area for 7-10 days. Additional restrictions may be specific to the area treated.

For example, if you have had an extensive treatment, you may be asked to refrain from excessive movements or animation in the face, and you may be asked to avoid other cosmetic treatments like facials, Skin Tightening or laser treatments for up to 2 weeks. Body treatments may require you to refrain from exercising the underlying muscles for 2-4 weeks.

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Before & After

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Before and 2 weeks after Dysport and PDO Threads in the lower crow’s feet and upper cheeks.  Courtesy of Dr. Josie Tenore.

Before and immediately after treatment of Face and Neck.  Courtesy of Dr. Josie Tenore.

PDO Threads of Jawline and Neck, 10 weeks after treatment. Notice improvement of nasolabial folds as well. Photos Courtesy of FreshSkin Medical Spa & Wellness Center.

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