We are dedicated to personalized health of the skin & body, delivering optimum wellness and beauty for both men and women regardless of their age. Our next-generation practice offers advanced diagnostic tools, innovative solutions and scientifically proven nonsurgical treatments, delivered by experienced providers.

Q: Who sparked your initial interest in your chosen career path?

A: I was hospitalized when I was 5-years old for a kidney infection. When I was released, I told my parents “They took blood here [pointing to the inside portion of my left elbow] and here [pointing to the inside portion of my right elbow]… then I paused and declared “I want to be a doctor.”

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your career?

A: I get to transform lives each and every day! WOW, who gets to do that? I love it when patients are so overtaken by emotion at the positive change in their lives that they cry happy tears… it is addictive.

Q: What sets you apart in your industry?

A: My training. I was trained in Canada where the focus in medicine was on prevention. In addition, I have always believed that the internal body defines external beauty and vice versa.

Q: Who do you admire?

A: RBG! [Ruth Bader-Ginsberg.] She is my newest idol. That woman is a machine! She has single-handedly revolutionized the legal system in terms of equality. She has survived two cancers, and can still focus through the night and deliver opinions that are clear, well thought out and succinct. Whether you believe in her politics or not, her career, track record and performance are worthy of respect.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: No joke, my work is fun. I LOVE to travel the world, meet interesting people and get to know their culture. I enjoy eating great food, drinking great wine and downhill skiing.

Q: Your life in four words?

A: Strive, Work, Achieve, Repeat.

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