How to Restore and Maintain the Health of Your Skin

By Autumn Breen, Licensed Esthetician

Healthy skin has its own natural ability to project a youthful glow, however it’s up to us to provide it with the means to do so.  Aging, health conditions, and environmental factors can diminish this glow.  A healthy diet, plenty of water, and an active lifestyle will lay the foundation for healthy skin and a healthy body.  Balanced hormones and supplements ensure you get the best possible outcome from your aesthetic treatments.  Regular labs and wellness visits ensure you are caring for your body properly.

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A balanced home skin care routine comprised of medical-grade ingredients is crucial.  There are many products on the market that promote antioxidants, peptides, exfoliants, and UV protection, however not all are created equal, and many do not have active ingredients to effectively combat the stressors that age our skin.

One product line that meets our high standards is Alastin Skincare, which both prime the skin for treatments and help support and maintain the results.  The research behind Alastin prove their products work in reversing signs of damage and supporting the skin’s collagen and elastin. In the last couple years, since bringing the line to FreshSkin, we have witnessed these results in our patients, which has been a great advancement in the anti-aging world.

Caring for your skin does not have to be complicated.  Quarterly skin care consults utilizing our Visia Skin Analysis tool will assess the condition of your skin and monitor how your products are working for you.  Your provider will go over your results and determine when changes are necessary.

To restore your youthful skin a treatment plan is designed.  Your provider bases this on your level of skin damage, lifestyle, and your goals.  The treatment may be as simple as regular Hydrafacials or a Skincare Bootcamp with several treatments including mild laser resurfacing (to smooth textural issues) and Forever Young BBL (to reduce reds and brown in the skin for an even complexion).  Generally treatments will be scheduled 2-4 weeks apart to make consistent, positive changes to your skin. Long term results can usually be seen in a few months.  For skin conditions, such as acne or rosacea, regular monthly treatments may be necessary.  Deeper wrinkles, motion lines, and volume loss can be addressed through injectables such as dermal fillers, neuromodulators (like Botox Cosmetic), and in-office thread lifts.

Once you have achieved the health and appearance desired, your maintenance plan begins.  Regular maintenance treatments further rejuvenate your skin and ensure you have long lasting results.  How often treatments should be performed varies, but are generally scheduled monthly or quarterly.  Some patients have a short series of deeper rejuvenation procedures 1-2 times a year and maintain in between with a milder treatment monthly.  Your provider will go over the best options to fit your life and your goals.

At FreshSkin Medical Spa & Wellness Center we believe, “Beauty begins with Beautiful Skin, and Beautiful Skin begins with a Healthy Body.(™)” Schedule a consultation today to see what is possible when you take charge of your health.

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