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Dr Josie, Dr Lombardo and the entire practice staff provide seamless, knowledgeable and encouraging service and care. Thank you Thank you. – Kathy Y. on 6/3/2021

Autumn gave me a wonderful hydrafacial. She was knowledgeable and very pleasant! Very happy to be back at FreshSkin – Lori G.

“Always a great visit with rapport and welcome at the forefront! ” – Anonymous, 3/8/2021

“Beautiful office!  It is calming and peaceful!” – J.B.

Fresh Skin Medical Spa and Wellness is taking every precaution to insure the safety of their clients and staff while providing impeccable service. Their vast knowledge of current products and procedures, along with the emphasis on continued training, gives me the confidence to be a returning client. – D.E.

Dr. Ryan will forever be one of my favorite health care providers/human beings on this earth. Not only is he an expert in alternative medicine, he is a caring individual who takes the time to explain everything to you – His energy makes you feel comfortable, and you can trust that you are in good hands. Two sessions of acupuncture with Dr. Ryan made me smoke free. Since we are talking about alternative medicine here – I feel its appropriate to say that he has a great soul that vibrates positivity. -Katie K.

I thought that Dr. Tenore was very thorough. I appreciated her attention to detail and patience. She is very knowledgeable and understands the entirety of the effects of the aging process. It was a very gratifying consultation. – Hope S.

Autumn is knowledgeable and committed professional. My skin is looking forward to our session! – Desmond L.

Dr. Tenore is the most detailed professional , one of a kind Doctor! She goes beyond anyone else’s skill with injectables and overall facial balance and symmetry. I recommend her to everyone I know! – Patricia H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Tenore’s for a number of years. When I first visited her my skin was rough and red with enlarged pores and quite a bit of acne scarring. My skin was in general very unhealthy and I had always new self-conscious about it. Dr. Tenore completely transformed my skin!!! I couldn’t be happier and would wholeheartedly recommend her and her staff. – Margaret G.

This was my 3rd Botox treatment by Dr. Josie and I am very pleased with the results! This was my 4th BBL treatment done by Autumn and my main concern are my dark spots/age spots on my face and she really does some amazing work with removing them. I highly recommend both Dr. Josie and Autumn! Not only do they do great work, they’re both extremely nice! – Georgina S.

Dr. Josie has been taking care of my skin for many years and I am very, very happy with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Josie and her staff! – Margaret G.

There is no one, other than Dr. Tenore, that I would allow to touch my face. She has always done what is best for me and has NEVER been pushy about more treatment or products. She knows what she is doing! – Linda H.

Dr. Lombardo laid out a straight forward plan to address my specific challenges through a combination of supplements, hormone therapy and dietary modifications to promote weight loss and physical wellness.  In just a few weeks I had reduced my weight by over 20% which enabled me to start to exercise in a meaningful way again, which further contributed to having more energy, more stamina and a better state of mind.  In just a few months my calorie consumption changed such that it’s not difficult to avoid those foods that have the most detrimental impact, many of which were staples in my diet previously.  My body “reset” in a way that I am able to maintain the weight loss without severe caloric restrictions and am on a path that is 180 degrees from where I was just a few months previously. – Jeff B. Age 51

Ryan is a highly motivated instructor and an exemplary practitioner. He manages patient centered care into practical educational knowledge in integrative nutrition. -Dr. Kris L.

Every service I have had here delivers as promised, from the HCG diet to threading and filler. Additionally, the hormone replacement program is invaluable to this 62 year old woman. – Kristine H.

3 months ago I had my first appointment with Ryan Lombardo. I had 3 major complaints. 1) Extreme fatigue, 2) Allergy & Asthma problems, 3) Inability to lose weight. I now have more energy than I have had in 20 years; my allergies are the best ever, and I have lost 14 pounds. Thanks to Ryan this is the best I have ever felt. -Harry B., Age 63

…Autumn, the aesthetician, is also great. She takes time and attention to ensure a great treatment, makes good recommendations which, like Dr. Tenore’s, are never focused on selling products or services. – Anne S.

I always feel that the patient comes first with Dr. Josie. She never does unnecessary tests, and always thoroughly explains any test results. If I have any questions she will always take the time to make sure I have those questions completely answered. Dr. Josie is always about making sure her patients are informed, healthy and satisfied with their treatments. I would recommend her to anyone in the highest possible terms. – Margaret G.

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