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Top 6 Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings

Lately, many clients, especially during weight loss consultations, have complained of sugar cravings and sugar addiction. So, here are a few tips to curb your cravings.

  1. Acupuncture.  To be specific, auricular acupuncture is proven to reduce anxiety and addiction to Cocaine, Morphine, and Heroin.  A similar protocol is used to reduce sugar cravings.  In this case, acupuncture works to regulate endorphin and neurotransmitter activity, reducing the “ups and downs” associated with cravings and additions.
  2. Spinach Extract.  A recent study at Lund University in Sweden found that people given 5g of spinach extract had significantly less cravings and higher levels of satiety hormones in their blood than the control group.  The active components of the extract are called Thylakoids, which activate the satiety hormones, helping people to feel full and reduce cravings.
  3. Exercise. Recent studies have shown that prolonged sitting wreaks havoc on blood sugar and insulin levels, which will certainly encourage more sugar cravings.  The studies also showed that interrupting that time seated with a short brisk walk or moderate-intensity exercise will regulate blood sugar and insulin.  Keeping these levels steady, without major peaks and valleys, will surely reduce sugar cravings.  Get up and start moving! 
    Need easy ways to incorporate this into your day? Try these:

    • Always stand and walk around when on talking on the phone.
    • Conduct small meetings while walking around the block or through the hallways at work.
    • Park in the farthest spot from building entryways.
    • Every time you check the clock, get up and take a quick walk over the water cooler… it helps to stay hydrated.
  4.  Stay Hydrated.  At the cellular level, hydration provides cells the nutrients needed to function efficiently and produce energy.  Stay hydrated with pure water and sugar-free hydration mixes, such as MeStrength, to help maintain proper nutrient levels in the body. Go here: http://www.mestrength.com/ for more information.
  5. Eat frequent small meals throughout the day.  This has been touted for quite some time already, mainly because it works.  Frequent small meals will help regulated blood sugar and metabolic hormone levels.
  6. Relax. Meditation, music, 15 minute naps, breathing exercises…Whatever it takes to de-stress and relax for a while will help tremendously.  There is no need to live in a constant “fight or flight” mode.  Stress levels definitely impact addiction, especially for sugar.  Keep healthy snacks at hand, such as almonds, berries, green apples, or protein drinks for when times get tough.  Otherwise, make it a habit to practice relaxation techniques daily to prevent stress from piling up.


Hope this helps!

Be Well,

Dr. Ryan Lombardo



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