FreshSkin / Fresh Energy Testimonials

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“For 8 months, I have been seeing Dr. Ryan Lombardo for help losing weight and improving my diet. On Dr. Lombardo’s wellness plan I have lost over 50 pounds, have a lot more energy now and feel great. He is always available to answer any questions I have about the wellness plan, and will often see me on short notice.” -N. F., Evanston IL

“Whenever I am back in the U.S., I make a point to stop by Dr. Tenore for a touch-up. She has done fillers and botox for me, and the results are like no other doctor’s. She is systematic at keeping photos and data on my treatments, and tracks the results in a scientific way. She also had a strong artistic side. She steps back and looks at my face to see what I need aesthetically with the eye of a sculptor. She then discusses these procedures with me, being sensitive to any budget constraints I may have. Her treatments and their results have made a huge difference in my appearance and my feelings about aging. – EM from Melbourne, Australia”

“My daughter’s friends said I looked younger than I did when they were in high school.” -S.M., Lake Forest

“Leslie is phenomenal with her job. She makes you comfortable And at ease the first time you meet her. She makes going to fresh skin worthwhile of course aside from the fabulous treatment and product they offer. And Dr. Josie, is just excellent at what she does. Very knowledgeable and gentle at the time of treatment. Just had 2nd laser resurfacing, highly recommend procedure from fresh skin. Procedure itself will make you look you. Fresh skin is great.” -Joel Villanueva

“I have now had 3 out of 4 skin tightening treatments and I
just couldn’t wait to tell you how ecstatic I am about the
results! Not only have the treatments firmed up my skin, but
they have also changed the skin’s texture making it smoother
and reducing acne scaring along my jaw line. I am absolutely
thrilled and highly recommend this procedure to anyone who,
like me, wants to look more the age I feel. Thanks, Dr.

“Dr. Tenore is not only a fabulous cosmetic doctor, but she
provides absolutely the best patient service I’ve ever
experienced. She takes time to listen to your concerns and
to explain in detail her processes so you really understand
your options and know exactly what to expect. I’ve been
delighted with all of her services and am happy to recommend
her to anyone who is looking for a truly patient-focused

“I had acne starting at 10 years old and finally (in my 50’s) decided to do something about the way it left my skin. It took a number of peels and facials, but I’m amazed at the difference! I can’t praise them enough and will certainly keep going back.”

“I have been a client for several years and am absolutely amazed and thrilled at the difference Dr. Tenore has made in my skin. I have suffered the embarrassment of acne scarring since I was a teenager and what Dr. Tenore has done is nothing short of a miracle to me. I have absolute trust in very few people, but Dr. Tenore is one.”

“Fresh Skin’s staff is knowledgeable and friendly as well as very professional. Little touches like tasteful decoration, music and orange-water make your visit even more pleasurable.”

“I had a consultation with Dr Josie today and she is fantastic.”

“Great staff! Clean office! Great dermabrasion/peel”

“I signed up for the “Skin Care Boot Camp for the sun damage on my chest. After just the first treatment my husband said, ” Honey, you have the chest of a 14 year old!”. I’m thrilled!”

“My husband has no idea what I started doing with Dr Tenore. He recently said, “your skin looks fantastic”.”

“I had the best experience. The staff was friendly and polite. There is no pressure to purchase any products. In fact, they have wonderful promotions to make it more convenient for you to come back. I would highly recommend it to any one!”

“Fresh Skin was great! Glad I got to experience their service.”

“Good experience. They were professional and pleasant.”

“Great place”

“The staff were super nice!”

“Everyone from the receptionist, the nurse who did my Micro Laser Peel to Dr Tenore were friendly and professional. Everything was clearly explained so I understood what to expect and I was always asked if I was comfortable, throughout the procedure. My first experience with this type of procedure was definitely a positive one.”

“Incredibly nice staff”

“Very nice staff, very professional atmosphere. Would definitely recommend it!”

“Staff are excellent and caring.”

“The service was good, the place and people were nice”

“What a terrific first time experience for laser peels. Very thorough, friendly helpful. I will be going back for more ‘work'”

“Great service :)”