I recently had the Viveve procedure done st FreshSkin by Dr. Josie Tenore. I chose this procedure to stimulate collagen production in my vaginal walls as well as the tighten up the canal. I’m 50 years old and have 5 older kids. The procedure was pain free, didn’t require any numbing cream or drugs. I felt very comfortable both physically and emotionally due to Dr. Josie’s relaxed and reassuring demeanor the entire time. I also chose to get the O shot which is when they take blood from your arm and inject the plasma rich platelettes back into your clit. That required numbing and needle injections. While that sounds horrifying, it was painless as well but I was tender for a couple of days. But I still exercised easily do it wasn’t debilitating by any means. I had zero difficulty using the bathroom FYI. I feel tighter and definitely more sensitive already which were my goals. Very pleased with results.

Actual Patient - Age 50