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Spring Skincare tips 2015!

As soon as we have adjusted to the spring forward time change, and the weather warms up, we all find a way to spend more time outdoors. Some of us have neglected important steps in caring for our skin during the winter months and the changing season. As we shed layers of clothing it is more difficult to ignore our largest organ, the skin.  The following is an outline of what we need to do during the transitional months of fluctuating temperatures and humidity in Chicago. While we are dancing the spring dance, our skin is probably still crying the winter blues! Not that we need a reminder, but winters in Chicago are dry and brutally cold, causing most of us to retreat indoors. Dry indoor heat not only adds to skin’s dryness but causes a thickening of dead skin cells.  Come spring, most of us are in desperate need of treatments to remove the buildup of dry skin cells so products we use can better penetrate the skin.  Please enjoy our spring skincare tips for 2015!

Exfoliate unwanted flakes. Microdermabrasion or hydrafacial treatments are perfect to remove this thick buildup of dead cells. In addition, at home products, like our Dr. Josie RecommendsⓇ  Buff me Up  or Glytone’s KP kit, are perfect products to use in the shower.

Moisturize the skin every day. The only difference is to transition from our heavier, thicker moisturizers to those that are more light-weight.  Dr Josie RecommendsⓇ Soft Silk  is perfect, as it is very light and appropriate for all skin type

Don’t forget your hands. We have had them in gloves all winter and were able to hide them, but with the transition to lighter gloves – or none at all, it’s more difficult to hide the dry brittle nails, overgrown cuticles and sun spots. Let your hands match your face! Photofacial treatments like BBLⓇ combined with hand peels will help eliminate sunspots and stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, leaving the hands looking younger, then treat yourself to a manicure!

UV protection The most important tip for spring is to be really aware of your tendency to burn, so knowing your skin type is key. I am always amazed at the comment, “Well it’s not sunny out, why do I need sunscreen?” Well, because it’s not sunscreen, its UV protection and UV light exists regardless of whether the sun is shining or not. UV protection must be worn everyday and should include the lips and any body part that is exposed, including the hands. With the hands, you must apply often as we do wash them more than the rest of the skin. In the winter it is easy to forget the reapply UV protection every 2 hours rule, but this is a must in the spring. Dr. Josie Recommends Clean Screen is the cleanest UV protection on the market. This UV blocker is made with natural ingredients including titanium dioxide, a naturally occurring chemical and physical blocker in a formulation that is rated at SPF 35. Mixing Dr. Josie Recommends C+ Serum into the Clean Screen will improve how well it protects the skin and will help brighten it too. C+ contains a very stable 20% Vitamin C with Ferulic Acid and Tocopherol.

Hot Showers are a no-no for the winter! Yes, they are a great way to warm us up, but they tend to strip the skin and nails of natural oils, making the skin even drier. Lukewarm water and shorter showers are less damaging to the skin. As the season transitions and we become more active, some of us will shower more than once per day. If this is the case, never use any form of soap to shower! Soap-free cleansers should be used once per day, and moisturizing agents that cleanse, such as Avene’s Ultra Gentle Cleanser, should be used for the second shower, but only if you are visibly dirty, otherwise just rinse off and clean only the underarm and groin areas with this cleanser.


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