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Varicose Vein Treatment in Evanston, IL Area

FreshSkin offers varicose vein treatment with in a short driving distance from Evanston, Il area.

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What is varicose vein treatment?

Varicose veins are caused by venous insufficiency. This condition results in blood pooling in the veins, causing varicose and spider veins. Varicose vein treatment is performed to destroy the weakened veins that do not properly carry the blood back to the heart.

How is varicose vein treatment performed?

For varicose vein treatment, FreshSkin offers two options to the residents of Evanston, Illinois. BroadBand Light treatments use laser energy to destroy the damaged veins, which are then absorbed by the body. BroadBand Light is very effective in treating the fine veins of your face. Our second varicose vein treatment is sclerotherapy, which works by injecting a special solution into the veins. The solution causes the vein to collapse. The body then naturally absorbs the vein, and the blood is re-routed through healthier veins. These procedures are effective against the varicose veins that you have right now. We advise our patients in Evanston, Illinois that underlying medical conditions may cause new varicose veins to develop elsewhere.

About FreshSkin

FreshSkin offers the latest techniques and equipment for providing the residents of Evanston, Illinois with the highest-quality personalized skin care. Our staff works closely with you to ensure that you develop realistic expectations and that you are happy with the results of our services.

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