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DNA testing to establish a Healthy Weight Diet!

It’s FINALLY here! For those of you who have followed every “FAD” diet on the market place, it will be of no surprise to you that there would be a HUGE interest in knowing what our genetic predisposition for obesity is. A few years ago the “Blood Type Diet” reached a certain level of popularity with it’s pseudo-scientific claims… but were they accurate?
The claims that the authors made really didn’t have the solid scientific basis that the population deserved, but there is scientific evidence that one’s propensity to gain and hold on to excess weight is definitely linked to our genes.

We all know those people throughout our lives who seem to eat whatever they want, whenever they want and never seem to gain an ounce of excess fat. For those of us who struggle to maintain a normal or “cosmetically” overweight body weight, we have intuitively known for years that part of our issue is just simply “not our fault”.

Now, due in part to the “Human Genome Project”, which was an international scientific project to map out all of genes that make up human DNA, we now have the ability to run a DNA test with a simple saliva sample that gives us a HUGE amount of information regarding you and your weight and how you should eat to maintain a healthy weight.

I am anticipating these frequently asked questions, but feel free to contribute more.

Q: What do I need to do to get this information?
A: Book a wellness consultation with one of our wellness experts and they will review the test with you and help you collect a sample of saliva for testing.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: In our offices we charge a Wellness Consultation fee; and the lab fee is billed directly to your insurance by the lab. According the lab, this may be covered by your insurance plan with a balance owed by the patient of anywhere between $99 and $399 depending on your individual insurance plan. The company states that 2013 rates averaged $99 due from the patient and they will work with the patient to pay what they can afford. FreshSkin cannot bill your insurance for this consultation.

Q: What information will I get from this test?
A: You will get a very extensive report that will outline everything including:
Your matching diet – the type of diet you should consume based on your unique genetic makeup,
Your eating behaviors – If you tend to be a snacker, your ability to feel full, food desires, food disinhibition and if you have a sweet tooth!
Your nutritional needs – your genes dictate how well you absorb or don’t absorb your vitamins and minerals
Your exercise – how you respond to endurance exercise, how your HDL (good cholesterol) will respond to exercise, what happens to your insulin sensitivity in response to exercise
Your body and weight – what your propensity for obesity is, how likely you are to regain your weight after dieting, your metabolism and your Adiponectin (a protein that regulates blood sugar levels and fatty acid breakdown)
Metabolic health factors like your tendency to develop high cholesterol
Health Conditions like your tendency to develop diabetes, osteoarthritis or elevated Triglycerides, and your tendency to form blood clots
Your response to a limited number of medications

How COOL is THAT???

Q: Why would I want to know this information?
A: We live in a proactive world, and we now have lots of tools at our disposal that we will use to counteract your genetic predispositions. Why make them a reality?

In addition, how many diets have you been on that failed? How many where you regained your weight back and more? Knowing what and how you should eat may put an end to all of this yo-yo dieting that many Americans have been subjected to over their lifetimes. This is truly personalized preventive medicine.

Q: Why should I believe the scientific evidence, if you said the science behind the Blood Type Diet isn’t valid?
A: There have been multiple behavioral health studies performed on large populations of individuals with some very solid conclusions derived at the end of the study. They have then looked at the genes of these individuals and found the relationship with particular genes and outcomes. This is very different than saying “every person with A blood should eat a particular diet, and B blood another diet. The information we are looking at is much more detailed and involves a level of sophistication that is very difficult to explain in a Q and A format. This test is about YOU, using your DNA.

What are you waiting for??? Come in and spit in a jar to get the answers you deserve!

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