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FreshSkin, the leading aesthetic and integrative medicine and Wellness Center in the North Shore suburbs of Chicago, has been providing Wellness Consultations for men and women since 2011. We are dedicated to discovering the best and most advanced solutions to not just improving but discovering life changing results for our patients.

Meet Ryan Lombardo, Wellness Director.

Wellness Consultation

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What is a Wellness Consultation?

People often ask us, “What is wellness? And where do I start?” The answer is different for everyone, but you can bet that “wellness” encompasses many factors, including feeling “well”… that is, NOT tired, unmotivated, achy, anxious, constipated, itchy, etc. However, the absence of symptoms is not the only definition and not the only criteria.

You don’t have to be “sick” to experience a decrease in wellness. Personal differences between people, including age, weight, gender, diet, lifestyle, genetics, medication, stress, and more all affect the body’s state of wellness. Those same factors also affect the potential for chronic disease and quality of life.

Most people know when they are sick with a virus or other common infection due to recognizable symptoms. But what about when something just doesn’t feel the same anymore? Maybe you have less energy, lack motivation, struggle to maintain weight, loss of muscle tone, lower libido, or poor sleep. Or, maybe you just had a physical and were told your lab values put you at risk for a metabolic health issue like diabetes or heart disease.

All of the above could be considered “normal” signs of aging and justified by your family history and/or lifestyle. But why would you settle for normal? Those normal and expected symptoms can be delayed, reduced, and often corrected with proper wellness planning and execution.

The Wellness Consultation process at FreshSkin is personal and well thought-out as it relates specifically to just you.  We carefully consider your concerns, your lifestyle, family history, and health goals. We uncover the underlying reasons related to declining health and educate on how to prevent and reverse the damage. Through the use of personalized assessments, custom lab work, and expert research, our process is designed to discover and deliver a legitimate path to optimal health and wellness.

Reasons to Schedule a Wellness Consultation at FreshSkin

You are struggling with losing weight and keeping it off.
You could have a gene or a metabolic condition that makes it difficult for you to shed the weight. 

You are experiencing stomach pains, unusual bowel movements, bloating, skin conditions, rashes, eczema.
You could have food sensitivities causing chronic inflammation.

You have chronic fatigue, low libido, or lack of motivation.
Your hormones may be out of balance.

You lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, exercise, and take supplements, but aren’t getting results.
You may be following a diet or exercise routine that is not compatible with your specific physiology.  Our extensive blood panels are customized to each patient, ensuring we identify the underlying issues.

Our Wellness Consultation Process

Initial Wellness Consultation Visit – 30 Min
By doing an initial wellness consultation our providers will be able to better determine which tests will be necessary to run based on your medical history and health concerns.

Diagnostic Testing – Blood Draw and/or other Diagnostic Testing
Depending on the labs requested by your provider, and whether fasting is required, we will try to accommodate your blood draw in the same visit as your initial wellness consultation.

Wellness Lab Review Visit – 30 Min
Once your lab results are available, you will return for a second visit with your Provider to review your results and receive your custom wellness and supplement plan.

Wellness Membership Programs

You may want to consider a Wellness membership program to provide you with ongoing guidance and check-points to ensure you are staying on top of your health. Memberships are convenient and put the entire focus on YOU. Pre-scheduled meetings with a healthcare provider (in person or virtual), blood tests and other lab work, greater access to health data unique to you, along with a myriad of other benefits and customized counseling to help you understand and implement positive change into your lifestyle. Learn more at your first Wellness Consultation.

Wellness Products at FreshSkin

FreshSkin is a retailer of some of the best supplements, CBD oil products, and weight loss solutions.  Curated by Dr. Josie and Ryan Lombardo, the retail boutique at FreshSkin gives patients the opportunity to include the most advanced products into their Wellness Journey.

If you are struggling, ready for a reset or are simply wanting to check in with your body, schedule a comprehensive Wellness Consultation today call 847-681-8821.

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