Wellness Subscription Membership

Membership takes our patient-centered approach to a new level of care, where we can provide more efficient feedback and greater cost savings while still providing high caliber individualized care. 

We have learned through experience that patients fare better through service “packages” than they do compared to individual visits scheduled at random intervals. This is due to consistent interactions, more reliable patient compliance, and improved ability for our providers to recognize health and disease patterns. The health benefits of consistent care and attention are obvious.

Some benefits of our annual wellness membership

  • Communication and access to wellness visits, messaging, and included services are forefront in the membership model. We are limiting membership to the first 200 patients registered so we can provide the optimal experience. Members will have easy access to messaging with guaranteed response time and priority scheduling for select wellness services.
  • Monthly Wellness Visits, FreshEnergy B12 shots, and InBody measurement and analysis, so we can stay on top of your plan and keep you on your wellness path.  
  • Financial benefits and savings across multiple wellness and aesthetic services. Since the membership model reduces fluctuations and spreads payments across the year, we have greater ability to pass along savings to you. Annual BostonHeart® labs are included in your membership with no surprise balance bills. Membership discounts on services like Hormone Pellets, PHYSIQ, Viveve, Weight Loss, Laser Hair Removal packages, Retail and more are provided year-round. 

How is a wellness subscription different from health insurance?

Health insurance is great for acute illness and traumatic events, but you can’t rely on insurance to keep you healthy. With a wellness subscription, you invest in your health preservation and vitality. 

Those who participate in wellness subscriptions tend to have lower costs of illness and an improved sense of well-being. The short-term goal is to catch health issues early, while the long-term goal is to reverse and correct chronic conditions and live optimally.  Wellness subscriptions keep you engaged and paying attention to your health with ongoing support from experienced healthcare providers.  

Our commitment is to you and your specific wellness and aesthetic goals. Through our Wellness Subscription, we can monitor your progress and maintain accountability. For those of you considering a new wellness plan, the best place to start is with a Wellness Consultation so we can learn how best to help you. We look forward to welcoming you to the program!

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