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What is a Medical Microdermabrasion Procedure?

Treatments using various substances to polish the surface of the skin date back to the ancient Egyptians. Kings and queens used alabaster and pumice to remove blemishes and rough spots and make their skin soft and smooth. Such treatments were essentially unchanged until the mid-1990’s when a skin care technique using aluminum oxide powder was developed in Italy called microdermabrasion.

In the original process, aluminum oxide crystals abraded the skin (a little bit like sandblasting) and then a vacuum cleaned out blocked pores. While highly effective, there were some disadvantages:

  • Aluminum oxide was left embedded in the skin, hair and clothes, and floating in the air of the treatment room.
  • There was a significant volume of material to dispose of after each procedure.
  • The clinician had to wear a mask, and the client had to wear eye protection and remove any contact lenses.
  • Aluminum oxide sometimes left the skin red and irritated.

Evolution of this process to what is now known as medical microdermabrasion has replaced the aluminum oxide with other mildly abrasive materials like baking soda. Today, there are various devices used to achieve similar or better results… some that are dry and others that use a liquid based solution. At FreshSkin we have both types of device.

Our wet device is the very popular Hydrafacial™ machine. Our dry device is the crystal-free DiamondTomeTM Skin Resurfacing system. Its handpieces have tiny flakes of real diamond embedded where it touches the skin, acting like the pumice stone of long ago. The skin is immediately softer and smoother. Results are gradual but highly effective, and most people notice softer, smoother skin after their first treatment. We can treat your face, neck, chest, back… anywhere you have skin!
To complete the procedure we follow the dermabrasion with an application of one or more products, selected specifically for the individual and their skin concerns. Due to the fact the skin has been resurfaced first, these products penetrate more effectively, providing a superior result.

Individuals who have a lot of vellus hair on the face (“peach fuzz”) we perform another procedure with a scalpel. This is called a dermaplane and we combine it with a chemical peel and achieve the same results with the added advantage of removing that fuzz!

Indications for medical microdermabrasion include dry or dehydrated skin, fine lines, wrinkles, grade I or grade II acne, and sun spots. It’s a GREAT treatment to get your skin “party ready”

Dr. Josie L. Tenore, M.D., M.Sc.,
is a board-certified family physician who became interested in aesthetics during medical school. As a result, most of her electives focused on dermatology and plastic surgery. Dr. Josie began her practice with family medicine because she enjoyed the challenge of delivering comprehensive health and well-being to people of all ages. This unique combination of family medicine and aesthetics led her to advocate a program of eating well, exercising and aesthetics for patients who want to have the best quality of life. Read full bio.

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