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What is Exilis?

Exilis Skin Tightening and Fat Reduction treatments

What is Exilis?

Exilis is an exceptionally safe and effective non-invasive aesthetic device that delivers highly controlled, deep heating for both skin tightening and fat reduction. Using safe thermal energy (utilizing radiofrequency technology), patients experience a comfortable, deep heating sensation with each short treatment. Each anatomical zone is treated for approximately 20 – 30 minutes. Patients are encouraged to drink plenty of water two days prior to and after the treatment and should also plan to exercise the evening of treatment. Typically, 4 treatment sessions within 4 to 6 weeks are recommended. Exilis is ideal for patients with a Mass Body Index (BMI) under 30. 

Scientifically proven and clinically tested, Exilis uses focused RadioFrequency (RF) technology to redefine appearances by reducing wrinkles, treating laxity and reshaping the body – from head to toe – in just 4 comfortable treatment sessions.

Exilis focused RF is intelligently engineered such that a trained professional can customize the delivery of powerful thermal energy and advanced cooling while monitoring skin temperature in real time. In this way, the focused RF beneficially affects only the targeted tissue at the exact depth of penetration proven to achieve the desired cosmetic outcome. With its exclusive Energy Flow Control (EFC) System, Exilis precisely and uniformly reaches therapeutic temperatures in the shortest amount of time, ensuring a safe, efficient and positive patient experience to address multiple face and body concerns.

Exilis provides a non-surgical solution that requires no anesthesia or numbing when used for any face or body treatment. With the use of focused RF, the device produces a predictable response, notably collagen remodeling, with total comfort and no downtime.  Results can often be seen after the first treatment, and they continue to improve with each additional session. Exilis is cleared by the U.S. FDA for use in dermatologic and aesthetic procedures with indications for non-invasive treatment of wrinkles.

How Exilis Works

To favorably influence the superficial skin layers, the clinician simply uses controlled heating to redefine loose skin and smooth wrinkles.  The RF energy is applied to specific areas of the face and body at the targeted depth of penetration, with constant monitoring of the skin’s temperature, facilitating a comfortable, even treatment.  This RF energy causes the collagen supporting tissue to remodel and tighten, thereby stimulating and strengthening the collagen network to improve skin laxity and texture.  With body treatments, the skin is kept cool, allowing the RF energy to penetrate to the underlying fat cells, causing them to breakdown. The by-products are then removed by the immune system.

Who Is a Candidate for Exilis?

Exilis is recommended for any patient between the ages of 25 and 70+ who desires cosmetic improvement of their face and body. Exilis is ideal for treating wrinkles, skin laxity and shaping of the face and body. Common areas of treatment include: the eye area, around the mouth, chin area, jaw line, décolleté, abdomen, back, arms, legs, knees and ankles. For body treatment; Exilis is best suited for individuals with a BMI of less than 30.

Clinical Studies

Based on research investigations and clinical studies, Exilis has been proven to be a safe, effective, and well-tolerated treatment for body and face.

In a recent study of 60 volunteers who underwent four to five treatment sessions, with the average session time ranging between 20 to 30 minutes, a significant decrease from baseline measurement was shown in every patient. This positive effect was observed in every treatment area, including abdomen, thighs, flanks and buttocks. For control methods, the Prevas 3D system, ultrasound investigation, weight measurement and body composition monitoring were used. No side effects were observed. Mild redness and swelling occasionally appeared on the treated area and diminished within a few minutes to an hour after completing the therapy.

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